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For divorce clients with children, dealing with child support, custody, and visitation rights is usually the primary concern expressed to our attorneys. While monetary payments and division of marital property disputes can often be resolved relatively quickly, establishing a parenting plan, child support payments, and visitation rights can continue to affect you for years to come. Not surprisingly, these issues are often the most fought over points in any divorce. Choosing an experienced Washington child custody attorney is key in protecting your rights and relationship with your children in the years to come. This is particularly true when the parents are unable to agree on either custody or a set residential schedule. For these clients, it is by far the single most critical area of focus as they move through their divorce proceedings.

In Washington, judges make custodial decisions based on what they believe to be in the best interests of the child. This includes legal decisions about which parent will become the primary child’s custodian after the divorce, and what the visitation and support rights and duties of the other parent are. Our attorneys are dedicated to presenting the facts and individual needs and expectations of our clients to the judge in a persuasive matter. This includes calculating child support plans, visitation schedules, and written parenting plans that both parties will have to abide by until their children become adults. In Washington courts, awards of continued child support payments may be granted for children’s college or medical expenses even after they turn 18.

We will work closely, carefully, and intelligently to obtain a solution that is in the best interests of you and your children. Our Washington child custody attorneys handle all legal custody, physical custody, and parenting plan matters for clients in Southwest Washington. Our custody lawyers have the resources and the experience to assist you through this difficult and emotionally draining process, and help remove the stress and uncertainty that are present whenever children are involved in a divorce. Call our office today to schedule a consultation with Chris or one of our other child custody attorneys.

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